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Too much sugar


Amino lean drink

Bare Chicken nuggets

Homemade fries

Green drink

3 oranges (mini)

3 mini red velvet cupcakes - I ate these bc no one else would eat them in the house. I hate wasting food. I really could have thrown them in the trash but I was trying to lessen the impact of my wastefulness. O me!

Cherry vanilla cream soda


The scale didn’t move this week 221/225 the entire week. However when I reviewed my meals for the week, I knew the scale was not lying. My sweet factor for the next week has to decrease.


We had a power outage. I had to cancel my in person Bible Study.  I laid in the bed until 3p and it felt good.

B: Hardee’s bacon, egg and cheese biscuit

3 hash browns that I kind of scraped from the bottom of my husband’s food bag bc told him I just wanted the sandwich and  to pass on the hash browns in an effort to be mature about my daily potato intake.

L: 5 bare chicken nuggets-3 mozzarella sticks

D: 4 fried wings I started with 2 and some fries and then I went upstairs to the kitchen to see that it was 2 more left. It wasn’t worth the effort to put up. So I indulged and ate. It was probably not the best idea.