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Meditating in God’s Word Bible Study Series takes the reader on a 5-day meditation journey through the Scriptures focusing on a new perspective each day.  The purpose is to saturate your brain with new ways to look at God’s Word every day. MGW Series follows the storyline throughout the Bible, summarizing narratives and clarifying genealogies in a clean and neat pattern, with a custom legend as a guide.

Each lesson, which typically takes a week to complete is comprised of 5 days:

Day 1: Discover God's Word, reader's will slowly read the assigned Scripture for that week. 

Day 2: Summarize God's Word, reader's will re-read the same passage of Scripture for that week, writing down questions, thoughts, and inspirations for that day. 

Day 3: Q&A, reader's will re-read the same passage of Scripture for that week answering questions directly from the Bible with chapter and verse reference.

Day 4: Review, reader's will meditate on the Scriptures for that week as they read the author's commentary.

Day 5: Life Application Questions, reader's will meditate on the Scriptures for that week,  answering questions about the assigned Scriptures in their own words.


I love the Bible, now that I understand it. Before reading and understanding the Bible I was confused about so many aspects of life and then came God and the rest is in MGW Bible Studies Series. These Bible Studies have been 15 years in the making. It has been a true labor of love to explore the Bible in this Series!

I invite you to “Meditate in God’s Word” you won’t regret it. When you surrender to God you will be amazed how He will show Himself strong in your life.



To better understand who God is I encourage you to start in Genesis 1. I firmly believe that we must understand the genealogies and narratives to grow in our Christian walk.

What you will find in Meditating in God's Word Bible Studies Series:

  • A simple study guide that follows the storyline throughout the Old Testament.

  • Questions that will challenge you to dig deeper within yourself.

  • Encouragement for readers to “Meditate” in God’s Word.

  • Summarized Scripture.

  • Scripture Reference Questions.

  • Writing space to reflect on thoughts and Scriptures.

  • Online review lessons and additional resources.


Seth's Family Tree Genesis 5

Seth's Family Tree Genesis 5

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MGW Genesis Book 1 of 4

Genesis 1-12

MGW Genesis Book 2 of 4

Genesis 13-25

MGW Genesis Book 3 of 4

Genesis 25-36

MGW Genesis Book 4 of 4

Genesis 37-50

MGW Exodus Book 1 of 2

Exodus 1-20

MGW Exodus Book 2 of 2

Exodus 21-40

MGW Leviticus Book 1 of 1

Leviticus 1-27

MGW Numbers Book 1 of 1

Numbers 1-36

MGW Deuteronomy Book 1 of 1

Deuteronomy 1-34

MGW Joshua Book 1 of 1

Joshua 1-24

MGW Judges and Ruth Book 1 of 1

Judges 1-24 Ruth 1-4

MGW 1 Samuel Book 1 of 2

1 Samuel 1-15

MGW 1 Samuel Book 2 of 2

1 Samuel 16-31

MGW 2 Samuel Book 1 of 1

2 Samuel 1-24

MGW 1 Kings Book 1 of 1

1 Kings 1-22

MGW 2 Kings Book 1 of 1

2 Kings 1-25

Learning God's Word

Genesis 1-9 Lessons 1-6

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