For Leaders:

Thank you for considering: Meditating in God’s Word Bible Study Series for your small or large group. 


 I believe in reading the Bible slow and learning deeply, rather than reading the Bible fast to say, " Yes, I have read the entire Bible." My question is,  "Did you understand the narratives and genealogies and how they are weaved together?"


Quantity is not the goal, Godly wisdom, understanding, and transformation is the goal of our Bible Studies.


Below is an example of how I did the Bible Study in my home.


I love to socialize, but I didn't want the ladies to come to my house for a social hour. Our time was about learning God’s Word, and we kept that as the focus and standard of our Bible Studies. It meant a lot to me when the ladies were prepared and ready to discuss the week’s lesson. However, even if they didn't complete the lesson, it was about being present and thirsting after God's Word.


In case we got stuck, I had a plethora of Bible Study commentaries, Bible dictionary’s, handbooks, and references to further expand on the Bible text.


Below is an example of how our evening went:


  • Women would gather in my home, and we would have a meal together. This allowed us time to fellowship together before we started the discussion in the previous week’s lesson.

  • After the meal, we would open up in prayer.

  • After prayer, each of us would take a portion of Scripture and read aloud. I never took that for granted. We all had different versions of the Bible, so it was nice to hear God's Word from a different perspective.  Sometimes we would listen to the audio Bible together as an alternative.

  • Then, I would lead the discussion on days 1-5. We would take turns sharing our favorite verses, answering the questions, and discussing commentary.

  • Share testimonies, defeats, and triumphs.

  • Pray and dismiss.


To personalize your Bible Studies, you can always ask questions that relate directly to the particular narrative such as:


Describe the main character(s) personality or character traits.

How can you relate to the main character in this narrative?

What theme do you believe is stated in this narrative?

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