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Who is Dara V. Rose ?

10 Fun Facts about Dara 


  • I am a wife. (I have been married for nearly 2 decades.)

  • I am a mom of two. (My children are 1 1/2 years apart.)

  • I love to read non-fiction books.

  • I don’t have a favorite color because all of them are beautiful.

  • I love to ride my bike outside. (It’s a childhood thing and now my children are hooked.)

  • I love to cook.

  • I am a foodie!

  • I am not crazy about exercise unless it's with a friend.

  • I take life very serious most of the time!

  • My husband or my children put a smile on my face (or makes me laugh really hard) at least once a day.


You can check out my Journey Story or my Professional Bio for more information on me.

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