"Box Bible Stories" are little book-shaped boxes that serve as one of the many tools to assist me to teach my children the narratives in the Bible. My children and I have had a greater learning experience through these cute fun-filled boxes.


This hands-on project creates Bible scenes and fosters an excitement for further growth in their spiritual life.


I started with a plain unpainted wooden box from a craft store. I painted the box and we built the scenery from miniature pieces that correspond to the Bible passage. {Secretly: I think I like the boxes more than my children.}


My box was laser cut on the front and side to match the description of my narrative. I shopped online and in craft stores to find the miniatures that will speak to each Bible Box Story. My children and I arrange the boxes to set the scene and there it is my finish product!


My daughter loves to play with these miniature box sets. 


I am always thinking about my lasting legacy with them. What will my children remember me for? I want to make sure I impart the priceless gift of GOD's Word to them in as many forms as I can.


This is an ongoing project that I continue to do on the side for fun. I am always looking for new ways to teach my children the Word of GOD.


Anytime I craft a new narrative, I will post the pictures here.


These boxes are great for Bible Studies/Sunday Schools/ Vacation Bible School or any other Bible teaching program.


Recently, I added pictures of my crafts from my Cricut machine. I hope you enjoy. 


Stay Tuned #keepcrafting



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