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Dara's DIY Crafting Adventures

"This is my Craft Page. I love to craft. Over the years, I have crafted many things from my original Bible Box Stories to Soaps and Tote bags and beyond. 

Browse through and get inspired.

One of my favorite crafts to date is the Bible Box Stories featured at the very beginning. 


"Box Bible Stories" are little book-shaped boxes that serve as one of the many tools to help me teach my children the narratives in the Bible. My children and I have had a greater learning experience through these cute fun-filled boxes.


This hands-on project creates Bible scenes and fosters an excitement for further growth in their spiritual life.


I started with a plain unpainted wooden box from a craft store. I painted the box, and we built the scenery from miniature pieces that correspond to the Bible passage. {Secretly: I think I like the boxes more than my children.}


My box was laser cut on the front and side to match the description of my narrative. I shopped online and in craft stores to find the miniatures to speak to each Bible Box Story. My children and I arrange the boxes to set the scene, and here is my finished product!


My daughter loves to play with these miniature box sets. 


I am always thinking about my lasting legacy with them. What will my children remember me for? I want to make sure I impart the priceless gift of GOD's Word to them in as many forms as I can.


This is an ongoing project that I continue to do on the side for fun. I am always looking for new ways to teach my children the Word of GOD.


Anytime I craft a new narrative, I will post the pictures here.


These boxes are great for Bible Studies/Sunday Schools/ Vacation Bible School or any other Bible teaching program.


Recently, I added pictures of my crafts from my Cricut machine. I hope you enjoy it. 


Stay Tuned #keepcrafting

-Dara V. Rose

1 Kings 21 Spine
1 Kings 21 Front Cover
1 Kings 21Inside Pic
1 Kings 21 Inside Pic
1 kings 21 Inside Pic
1 Kings 21 Inside Pic
2 Kings 6 Spine
2 Kings 6 Front Cover
2 Kings 6 Inside Cover
2 Kings 6 Inside Picture
2 Kings 6 Inside Picture
2 Kings 6 Inside Picture
2 Kings 6 Inside Picture
2 Kings 6 Bird's View
Noah's Ark Cover
Noah's Ark Spine
Noah's Ark Bird's View
Noah's Ark Inside Cover
Noah's Ark Inside Cover
Noah's Ark Inside Picture
Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark
Cain and Abel
Cain and Abel Bird's View
Oil Multiplier Cover
Oil Multiplier Inside Cover
Creations Story Bird's View
6 Days of Creation
The Book of Esther Cover and Spine
The Book of Esther Inside Picture
The Book of Esther
The Book of Esther Inside Picture
The Book of Esther Haman Hanging
The Book of Esther Inside Picture
The Book of Esther Inside Cover
The Book of Esther Dinner
The Book of Esther Inside Picture
Green Grow Tote
Butterfly Tote
Easter egg tote
Easter Egg Tote
Kid's T-shirt
Welcome Sign
Adult T-Shirt
Kid's Tote
Kid's Tote (Back)
T- Shirt and tote
Adult T- Shirt (Front)
Adult T- Shirt (Back)
Pillow Case
Project Box
Custom Pillow
Life Box Cover
Life Box Spine
Life Box Side
Life Box Front Cover
Life Box Inside
Life Box Inside Picture
Life Box Leadership Mini Board
Life Box My Song Board
Life Box Student of Life Board
Life Box Inside Cover
Gift Baskets
Top View Gift Baskets
Gift Basket
Gift Baskets (No Plastic Covering)
Gift Baskets (No Plastic Covering)
Suitcase Box
Draw String Bag
Butterfly Blue Canvas Tote Bags
Basketball Draw String Bag
Star Light Purple Canvas Tote Bag
Glitter Heart Orange Canvas Tote Bag
Baseball Draw String Bag
Cupcake Khaki
Firetruck Bookbag (Front)
Firetruck Bookbag (Back)
Ballerina Bookbag (Front)
Ballerina Bookbag (Back)
Natural Soap (Massage Mold)
Black African Soap Shampoo Bar (Massage Mold)
Experimental Shape Molds
Handmade Soap
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