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Chocolate Carmel mousse bar(Atkins)

220/224 lbs.


2 mini pancakes 2 sausage

Whopper with cheese meal small fries 🍟 red velvet cupcake 🧁(was a little disappointed bc I thought I was splurging but the first bit was dry and it smelled like cornbread.) I put them in the freezer and maybe that will make them more moist.

Lipton Peach tea (so good)

Pretzels 🥨 (craving) stopped by the local pharmacy they are the runners up for crunchy pretzels 🥨. I had to bribe my daughter so she wouldn’t tell me husband and her brother.

One chicken leg (my hubby fried them)

Homemade French fries 🍟

Every time I ate today I was not hungry.

I am going to work on that next time.


Flat bread Turkey sandwich  from Subway

Lay’s potato chips

Chocolate chip cookie

2 serving of pretzels

Oven roasted potatoes