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Coffee with Seamoss

12/4 Sunday

Coffee with Seamoss drop of chocolate and creamer

2 slices of little Caesar pizza . It was good extra cheesy. It has been good every Sunday we have bought it.

Left over 1 spaghetti and meatball dinner with green beans (from work last week. I was impressed it didn’t smell bad or anything. I figured I only had a couple of days to eat this meal but it survived.

Taste of chicken and dumplings

Taste of beef and potato soup

They both taste was good.

I cooked a lot of food today and still

made it to the bed by 10:39p. You are good Dara!

Green Grapes (when I seen them at the store I felt like they were calling out to me) tight skin, nice bite , and that sweet flesh. It sounds like I am describing something else but I promise I am not!

3 peanut butter cookies


Amino Lean with Seamoss

Trail mix

Nature Valley chocolate but wafer

Blueberries and grapes


Broccoli Slaw and naan crackers