Lesson 1 : Moses’ First Census (Moses was commanded to take Census in Numbers 1-3)

Lesson 2: Priestly Census (Priest and their families numbered in Numbers 4-6)

Lesson 3: Offering Day (Specific offerings from each leader from the 12 tribes in Numbers 7-9)

Lesson 4: Yesterday (The children of Israel reminisce on privileges in Egypt in Numbers 10-12)

Lesson 5: Spies (Men were sent out to survey the “Promised Land” in Numbers 13-15 )

Lesson 6 : These Three Men (Rebellion against Moses in Numbers 16-18)

Lesson 7 : Mistrust – Bronze Serpent (Moses disobeyed God in Numbers 19-21)

Lesson 8: Talking Donkey - Curses (God opened the mouth of Balaam’s donkey in Numbers 22-24)

Lesson 9: Worshipping Baal – Second Census (Israelites committed idolatry in Numbers 25-27)

Lesson 10: Offerings and Laws (Laws and Feasts detailed in Numbers 28-30)

Lesson 11: Balaam Killed (Children of Israel go to war against Midianites in Numbers 31-33)

Lesson 12: Boundaries of Canaan (God outlined of the “Promised Land” in Numbers 34-36)

Meditating in God's Word Bible Study Series | Numbers Book 1