Book 1 covers:


Lesson 1: New Israel (Israel served other gods in Judges 1-2)

Lesson 2: Deborah (Deborah and Jael saved the day in Judges 3-4)

Lesson 3: Uncertainty (Gideon was chosen to save Israel in Judges 5-6)

Lesson 4: Three Hundred (God filtered men from Gideon’s army in Judges 7-8)

Lesson 5: Seventy Sons (Judges sent to save Israel in Judges 9-10)

Lesson 6: Jephthah (Jephthah saved Israel with a vow in Judges 11-12)

Lesson 7: The Nazirite (Samson’s birth and gift in Judges 13-14)

Lesson 8: The Secret (Samson’s women and his disastrous end in Judges 15-16)

Lesson 9: No Leader (Danites stole from Micah in Judges 17-18)

Lesson 10: Family War (Tribes fought against each other in Judges 19-21)

Lesson 11: Naomi (Naomi loses her family in Ruth 1-2)

Lesson 12: Ruth (Ruth was redeemed by Boaz in Ruth 3-4)

Meditating in God's Word Bible Study Series Judges & Ruth | Book 1

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