If you have ever wanted to study God's Word this book is for you. This book is part of a four book series for women on the book of Genesis.

Book 4 covers:


  • Lesson 31: The Love, Hate and Spurious Death of Joseph (in Genesis 37)
  • Lesson 32: The Desire of Conception (Tamar’s pregnancy in Genesis 38)
  • Lesson 33: A False Betrayal (Pharaoh’s wife accused Joseph in Genesis 39)
  • Lesson 34: Dreams and Interpretations (Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream in Genesis 40-41)
  • Lesson 35: The Family Reunion (Joseph’s brothers came to buy grain in Genesis 42-43)
  • Lesson 36: The Truth Uncovered (Joseph told the truth in Genesis 44-45)
  • Lesson 37: Genealogy Study (Jacob’s full family tree in Genesis 46)
  • Lesson 38: Slaves for Pharaoh (Pharaoh owned everything due to the famine in Genesis 47)
  • Lesson 39: Blessings at Death (Jacob blessed his sons accordingly in Genesis 48-49)
  • Lesson 40: Jacob’s Burial and Joseph’s Death (Preparations for the next generation in Genesis 50)



Meditating in God's Word | Genesis Bible Study Series for Women | Book 4

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