Lesson 1: Large in Number (Israelites grew in numbers in Exodus 1-2)

Lesson 2: Burning Bush (Moses talked to God Exodus 3-4)

Lesson 3: Strawless in Egypt (Children of Israel were punished in Exodus 5-6)

Lesson 4: Plagues 1-4 (Fish, Frogs, Gnats, and Flies in Exodus 7-8)

Lesson 5: Plagues 5-9 (Livestock, Boils, Storm, Locusts, and Darkness in Exodus 9-10)

Lesson 6: Tenth and Final Plague (Death of the 1st born in Exodus 11-12)

Lesson 7: Crossing the Red Sea (Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea in Exodus 13-14)

Lesson 8: Bittersweet Water (God turned water from bitter to sweet in Exodus 15-16)

Lesson 9: Jethro’s Advice (Jethro counseled Moses in Exodus 17-18)

Lesson 10: Ten Commandments (God gave Moses Ten Commandments in Exodus 19-20)


Book 2 covers:

Lesson 11: Laws of God (Laws: Servants, Sabbath, and Violence in Exodus 21-23)

Lesson 12: Laws of God (Laws: Ark of the Testimony, Offerings in Exodus 24-26)

Lesson 13: Laws of God (Laws: Lampstand, Ephod, Sacred Garments in Exodus 27-29)

Lesson 14: Laws of God (The Gold Calf in Exodus in 30-32)

Lesson 15: Second Time Around (God gave Moses commandments again in Exodus 33-35)

Lesson 16: From Instructions to Actions (Tabernacle construction began in Exodus 36-38)

Lesson 17: Finishing the Work (Completion of the Tabernacle Exodus in 39-40)

Meditating in God's Word Bible Study Series | Exodus Bundle Set | Books 1-2

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