Exodus Series will be available: Late Spring 2018

Meditating in God’s Word Exodus Series for Women is a 17 lesson Bible Study on the book of Exodus distributed over two books, dedicating five days to each lesson. Every day will reveal a new perspective on God’s Word. You will have a blast learning and absorbing the Bible in different ways!


We walk through each chapter in Exodus, taking you step by step through the plagues, miracle of manna and the creation of the tabernacle. God hears the children of Israel’s cry and rescues them through His servant Moses. Moses was the child chosen to be saved by Pharaoh’s daughter to free a nation predestined by God.


Book 2 covers:


Lesson 11: Laws of God (Laws: Servants, Sabbath and Violence in Exodus 21-23)

Lesson 12: Laws of God (Laws: Ark of the Testimony, Offerings in Exodus 24-26)

Lesson 13: Laws of God (Laws: Lampstand, Ephod, Sacred Garments in Exodus 27-29)

Lesson 14: Laws of God (The Gold Calf in Exodus and Laws in Exodus 30-32)

Lesson 15: Second Time Around (God commandments again in Exodus 33-35)

Lesson 16: From Instructions to Actions (Tabernacle Construction Began in Exodus 36-38)

Lesson 17: Finishing the Work (Completion of the Tabernacle in Exodus in 39-40)

Meditating in God's Word Exodus | Book 2 | Exodus 21-40

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