Meditating in God’s Word Exodus Series for Women is a 17 lesson Bible Study on the book of Exodus distributed over two books, dedicating five days to each lesson. Every day will reveal a new perspective on God’s Word. You will have a blast learning and absorbing the Bible in different ways!


We walk through each chapter in Exodus, taking you step by step through the plagues, miracle of manna and the creation of the tabernacle. God hears the children of Israel’s cry and rescues them through His servant Moses. Moses was the child chosen to be saved by Pharaoh’s daughter to free a nation predestined by God.


Book 1 covers:

Lesson 1: Large in Number (Israelites grew in numbers in Exodus 1-2)

Lesson 2: Burning Bush (Moses talked to God in Exodus 3-4)

Lesson 3: Strawless in Egypt (Children of Israel were punished in Exodus 5-6)

Lesson 4: Plagues 1-4 (Fishes, Frogs, Gnats and Flies in Exodus 7-8)

Lesson 5: Plagues 5-9 (Livestock, Boils, Storms, Locusts and Darkness in Exodus 9-10)

Lesson 6: Tenth and Final Plague (Passover and Death of the 1st born in Exodus 11-12)

Lesson 7: Crossing the Red Sea (Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea in Exodus 13-14)

Lesson 8: Bitter Sweetwater (God turned water from bitter to sweet in Exodus 15-16)

Lesson 9: Jethro’s Advice (Jethro counseled Moses in Exodus 17-18)

Lesson 10: Ten Commandments (God gave Moses the Ten Commandments in Exodus 19-20)

Meditating in God's Word Exodus | Book 1 | Exodus 1-20

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