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The beginning of my Mindful Food Journaling

Updated: Jan 30

This is my first blog entry on the road to becoming more insightful about what I put into my body. My name is Dara V. Rose but you can call me Dara or Rose. I like both. I have been on this journey of weight loss for a while off and on again for the last decade.

I can't say that I was sad when I was at my biggest weight, which was 275 lbs, I was actually really happy I had just had my baby girl and my husband and I already had an 18 month old son. This portion of my Life seemed to be the happiest I had ever been but I was the biggest I had ever been. That was over a decade ago and my life has been consistently happy with my weight going up and down over the years. My goal has been to get under 200lbs.

I haven't seen a 1 in front of my 3 digits since before I was pregnant with my son and he will be 16 in March. It seemed like a real feat but I am on this journey of "Mindful Food

Journaling". In the past I have been controlled by my emotions in the areas of food and now I am being more conscious and I like it. It is healing and dare I say brave on some level.

I am starting this journey during the Thanksgiving of 2022. Anytime someone starts something during the holidays they are courageous because holiday time in America is one of the most busiest times. Bare with me as I track my meals, weight progress and exercise.