Meditating in God’s Word is a phenomenal study put together with the student (reader) in mind. It flows in such a real, conversational way, while challenging you to connect with God daily. In this study, you don’t just read an author’s thoughts - you get to journey into your own as you realize that you aren’t much different from those who lived in the Bible days. As women, we tend to nurture everyone but ourselves... I assure you, you only need 5 minutes a day... just 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to meditate in God’s Word with Mrs. Dara’s help. The revelation you receive will change your life, and before you know it 5 minutes becomes 10, 10 becomes 15, and so on and so forth, until you’ve finally scheduled this time with God into your day like the necessity that it is. -Arielle P.


Meditating in God's word is a MUST have for all Christian women. This book not only is a great book for new Christian,returning Christian, but also women strong in the their walk with God. This book is great for any woman wherever you are in your walk with God. This bible study draws you in and presents something new in each lesson daily and week. She breaks down the genealogy of the Bible so that you no longer have to skip over the names and can finally understand who belongs to what family and etc. *If that's a area you struggle in like myself*. I'm very excited that I've finished lesson 1 of Genesis, as I continue on and work on lesson 2 I get excited each week because I know that I'm drawing closer to God. How could you not be excited about drawing closer to our Father! Thank you Ms. Dara for blessing us with the gift God has blessed you with. I pray that more people will purchase your books and be blessed just as I am. -Ms. Lee


I want to thank you again for your bible study books you will never know how much they have helped me have a greater understanding of the bible. They make it so that you can study the bible in small section. That you can take your time to take in what God is giving you and meditate on his word as you continue through your study guide.  The idea of doing each lesson for five days is great because everyday the scriptures can say different things to you ,and after reading for five days some of those scriptures are stuck in your head . Love your utube shows also find they are helpful to watch about day 3 and then read the scripture again. Dara you are an amazing person, please keep writing these study guides and doing your utube shows. -Diana S. 

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