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Your Legacy

A legacy is described as something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. Most people refer to legacy as monetary gifts after a loved one has transitioned. 

What is your legacy?


Are you leaving a legacy of faith?

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Today’s world moves fast, even in our post COVID era. Many of us don’t slow down until tragedy hits our home and we are forced to look at life differently. Death makes our life valuable.

What are you really living for? Do you live for your family, your profession, your retirement or something else meaningful or meaningless? 

When this life is over, what will people remember about you: your favorite color, your favorite meal, a warm embrace or your wise advice?

Will they remember what we believed in? 

Another definition of legacy is something that would sustain your family more than money. It is a legacy of faith. 

The next question is:

What was your family’s legacy? Were you proud of their legacy?

Do you want to continue your family’s legacy?


What is your legacy for your family? 

Only you can answer these questions above….

By accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior you have already created or continued a legacy of faith in your family.

What we do today matters for ourselves and our generations to come, whether you have biological children or not. 

I created “Your Legacy” page for my Bible Studies because I strongly feel that when we start truly connecting with the WORD of God it changes us, and deep healing occurs. 

I am so excited when you read your Bible because as a Bible Study author I know that you are about to connect with the Creator. It makes my heart happy when you invite God into your space, whether you are on your couch in your pajamas, on your lunch break at work or waiting for your kiddos in the pick line at their school. 

HE is coming to attend to you because HE LOVES little ole’ you because you requested HIS presence.

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Proud Father
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