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Genealogy Snap Boards

This Genesis Family Tree from Genesis 5.

It is a great teaching tool for Sunday School Students, Home School Students as well as an Bible Studies.

Each name is wood burned and fixed with magnetic back to ensure each name stays in the correct place.


You can learn and play games with the Old Testament Genealogy!

These colorful ruler size pieces of wood are engaging and activates hands on learning.

Check out the pricing in my "Store".

Your personal Genealogy Genesis Story Board

From Adam to Noah

I created this personal Genealogy Genesis Story Board for those who would like to displace the Genesis 5 Genealogy in their office or their home space.

This beautifully crafted laser wood piece displays a distressed look that gives the names from Adam to Noah including how many years each person lived.

There is a Legend Box in the top right corner that guides you through this genealogy.

Check out the pricing in my "Store".

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